The Best Way to Listen!

About Listening:
I remember the Indian mystic Osho saying that sound cannot hear sound. Only silence can. So there is a part of “me” that is the silence that hears sound! What an amazing revelation!!
I discovered when I was “listening” to someone, the mind would come in almost immediately after the words were spoken with a running commentary – all predicated on judgments and responses to what was being said. Using Osho’s guidance, I began exploring where the silence was – just before the commentary – that actually HEARD what was being said. And in those moments, I could just LISTEN to the person without the mind chewing on the spoken words.
What an amazing difference!
I experienced the place where the heart opened to the other person; and love for them – and for all of life – became a reality, even if only for a moment.
It is these moments that have become a touchstone for remembering why I am here.

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