The Awareness Intensive: An Exploration to Uncover Your Essential Nature June 8th – 10th

June 8th – 10th
At The World of Meditation Center, 3412 NE 115th St., Seattle, WA 98125

About the Awareness Intensive: Using a unique Zen-style structure, the Awareness Intensive gives us the opportunity to have a direct experience of our essential nature, which is covered by all kinds of ideas, notions and beliefs that are held in in what we call the personality or ego.

We know “about” our being, our essence, our soul, much the way a person who has never tasted a pomegranate knows “about” pomegranates. But it requires a direct experience – of smelling and tasting a pomegranate – to have a true knowing of it.
So the unique process and container of the Awareness Intensive gives us the possibility of stripping away that which hides the inner core, and gives us the opportunity of having an immediate experience of it.

The facilitators: Subhan Schenker & Shanti Schenker-Skye have over thirty-five years experience with this process and will lovingly guide you through it.

This group is residential. Sleeping accommodations will be made at the Center for all participants and five vegetarian meals are included. Participants are strongly encouraged to do the group residentially, but this is not required.

Hours: Begins at 7:00pm on June 8th, and ends at 6:00pm on June 10th.

Cost: $295 ($550 for couples) Early-bird discount: $250 ($485 for couples) if paid by May 25th. Write ( or call (206-772-8897) to register, for directions, or for more information. We accept checks, Visa, Discover and Master Card.