How to Stay Youthful!

How to support the youthfulness inside has been on my radar for some time now. And I have found two easy ways to do this!
They are dancing and singing.
When I am in the dance, deep enough so that my feeling of separation from the dance disappears, then I experience a euphoria that connects back to my early childhood, and I again become that free spirit that inhabited my early days.
And when I sing with abandon, it is such a thrill that I usually get goose bumps up and down my arms! It is a feeling of youthful delight!

So, I invite you to find a few moments each day to dance and sing. Maybe you can find others who want to join you. Or you can do it alone – whatever your preference.

The Sufi mystic, Hafiz, had it right (by me) when he said:
“God only knows four words: Come dance with me.”