The power of words, #648: Disillusioned.

The power of words, #648: Disillusioned.
When people tell me they are “DISILLUSIONED, ” I sometimes say, “Great!”
“What?!” they say in disbelief. “Yes, Great!!” I say. “I don’t want you to live in illusions. So it is wonderful to get rid of them!”

It is clear to me that whenever I have an idea of how something is SUPPOSED to happen, I am setting myself up for disappointment. It is as if I am a movie projector, projecting something on the screen of life, oblivious to the presence of the screen and what it is. And if life doesn’t fit my projection – then I become disillusioned!
I am constantly reminded by life that all expectations are illusions of one sort or another. They are ideals that the mind creates and then imposes on existence. And, just a little awareness tells me, more often than not, that existence can easily reject these expectations.
The lesson? Whenever I become AWARE that the mind is creating an ideal, an expectation, an illusion, it starts to drop on its own. Then existence shows me WHAT IS. At first, the mind sputters and resists this. That is simply because the mind has NO IDEA how to live without illusions and accept what is behind them. Then, awareness brings me up to reality, with a whole new alive viewpoint!
It’s a knack that is available to everyone! So, go for it!