A Bold, Yet Obvious Statement about Our Lives…

I’d like to make a bold, yet obvious statement today:

We have all spent lifetimes running away.

From the pain, shock, shame, anger, sadness and more, we have been diverting ourselves and not effectively dealing with the real underlying issues of our pain.
The diversions are everywhere and universal: sex, drugs, rock and roll, the internet, movies and tv, reading, sleeping, etc.
Running away has been the main strategy for almost everyone, including me…and it is very understandable.
I feel tremendous compassion for the part of me that insists on running away.
To that part, it seems like it is the only option to a feeling of tremendous, overwhelming, unbearable pain and feeling lost.
I have discovered that it is only when I have had enough of what I don’t want, that I begin moving towards the REAL resolution to the pain…and that is to go inside and find out if what the mystics say is true – that there is a place within where there is no pain!
The difficulty is that I have to pass THROUGH pain to get there!!!
But thirty five years of moving inside tell me that the pain isn’t nearly as big as the mind says it is. And, the pain of running away is actually BIGGER!

It isn’t by accident that you and I have met here. It tells me that that this is your work too. And it is clear to me that wherever you and I are on the path of self-discovery, it is EXACTLY where we are supposed to be.
So in that understanding, we can relax a little…take a couple of deep breaths…and continue on…!
I am glad to be a part of a sangha (people on the path of discovery) here on facebook, where we can sit and connect and support one another through the challenges of life!