How to wake up from unconsciousness?

The way to wake up from unconsciousness is to remember! The word remember is so significant! “Re” means again, and “member” is to be one with the whole. So to remember is to be one with the whole again! But how to remember? Little reminders can be like gentle nudges for the sleepiness that we carry. And these two simple reminders can be of help: Treat every day as your last; and every breath as your first! For just a second, they can transport you into a new feeling, a new experience, a remembrance! Love…


The power of words, #649: “Remember”

The power of words, #649: Remember.
We all know those moments when we remember something we’ve forgotten. For me, it has a little bit of euphoria in it, as a long-lost piece of reality has returned home!
I also know that feeling of remembrance in relation to myself. It can be as if I’ve forgotten a piece of me, and, suddenly, through some form of

Photo: To re-member is to wake up from the dream of separation!

grace, I once again am aware of it. Or, it comes as a feeling of contentment, of being connected in that moment with…everything and everyone!
It is this experience that got me to look at the word “remember” and to find its amazingly significant meaning!
“Re” – again…
“member” – to be a part of the whole.
So, remember is to be part of the whole…again! It is like waking up from the dream of separation.
The bad news is that I always forget…and fall back to sleep.
The good news? Forgetting sets up the return of remembering! And, once again, I connect with that little bit of euphoria.
What an interesting mystical game I am playing!!
I love it when you join me!

Photo: re-member: to be one with the whole...again!

There is a Lot of Ground Between One Extreme and Another

All or nothing. That’s how the mind gets me to do nothing. It tells me that my choices are to do something that is way too much for me to do in this moment, or not to do it at all.
This sleight of hand that the mind uses is incredibly effective IF I forget that there are many other possibilities IN BETWEEN these two!
So the next time the mind gives you these two options – and you are fortunate enough to remember what is in between these two extremes – then take a small step in the direction of what looks too big to do just now…