How can I have more courage?

Just a reminder of something Osho has shared with us. I heard him say that courage is not the absence of fear. It is HAVING the fear, and still doing whatever it is anyway!
And here’s an amazing understanding: Without fear, the word “courage” cannot exist. Without fear, there is nothing to be courageous about! It doesn’t take courage to do all the mundane things that we do daily in our lives. That’s because there is no fear in doing them! It’s only when we start feeling the fear that courage is needed.
So we can use Pema Chödrön’s advice to go to the places that scare us. Have the courage, and you may find what I’ve found: once there, it isn’t nearly as scarey as the mind has convinced me it is! And I learn SO MUCH from going there!
I wish you a life where courage becomes more and more available for you, to balance the fear that the mind creates!
Just start with the smallest fears first so that they don’t overwhelm you. They may sometimes be experienced as resistance to something. When that is felt, STOP. Close your eyes if that feels comfortable. Experience the breath and gently slow it down. And when possible, say yes to what is being resisted.
Bon voyage!