How We Can “Flower” and the Support Needed

I read something cute today. It said, “Bloom where you are planted.” Cute – but not anywhere near the whole story!
It would be wonderful if we understood that blooming is an internal thing that doesn’t need a fertile soil, that it is independent of WHERE we are…because blooming is our internal nature!
However, that truth is almost impossible to access when where we are is a difficult, or even toxic, place to be.
So the first step is to realize that: where you are isn’t supportive. And it certainly isn’t supportive of LEARNING that YOU, not where you are, is the key!!
For that, you need people who understand this (the “Sangha”), plus meditation (to connect with the essential you that knows this), and the mystics (who have gone through all this and who can help point the way).
Once that understanding becomes experiential, you connect with blooming. And THEN, you can learn to bloom ANYWHERE!!

What On Earth Am I Doing?

Once in a while, my parents would ask me, “What on earth are you doing?”
Good question!! Here is one possible answer:
I am a part of the course “Earth 101.” The world is my school. I have looked around and experienced what most of its teachers (including family, friends, and and everyone else) teach. The curriculum is full of lessons that attempt to teach me that “I am what I am not.”
The mystics – who are the emeritus faculty members – act as mirrors for me…to experience this curriculum as it is and what I have accepted from it, and to experience my REAL nature.
So I am here in Earth 101 to learn the truth of who I really am. Anything less will only perpetuate a fraud, a deception. And whether I learn it or not is up to me….