You Can Be a Miser in Giving AND Receiving!

Since for most of us, this is a season of giving and receiving, I felt it was a good time to share how they function in my life.
Giving has always been the easier of the two. And while I have miserly moments, I am generally a “good giver.” (My last name is German and literally means one who gives!)
I became much clearer about my giving when I looked at my ability to receive…gifts, compliments, criticism, etc. I saw that I was really a miser in receiving! While on the surface I was a humble, acknowledging receiver, underneath I was VERY uncomfortable in receiving these things!
Digging deeper, I realized that in giving, I was in control. But, in receiving, I had to be vulnerable and NOT in control! So my “work” has been to watch carefully how I am in both giving and receiving.
Now, I often give something in contradiction to the mind’s refusal. And when I am given something, I watch the squirming part of me and let it know that it is alright to squirm and feel vulnerable. When I stop fighting these vulnerable moments, they can be so full of bliss and gratitude…