Dealing With Anger

When I am able to step back and experience my own anger, I see that it comes from a deeper feeling of being hurt. The anger protects me from feeling a sadness underneath. It gives me a feeling of being big, not small. So the anger is really a protection and a diversion from feeling the hurt and sorrow and smallness underneath! What a powerful understanding!
I have heard Osho say that anger is just active sadness and sadness is passive anger! So when I am aware of this, I connect with the deeper experience and allow it to surface. Then, I respond very differently to my own anger.
It’s clear to me that as a child, I had a lot to be justifiably angry about! Knowing this, I can empathize with the part of me that angrily lashes out. I can invite the sadness underneath to surface and feel it and give it space.
And, when I remember that understanding for myself, I can extend that right to others! Then, rather than reacting to their anger, I can see the pain just under the surface; and I can actually empathize with them, remembering my own pain and anger. That empathy is the connection with my heart…and with peace inside.