Do We Need Wake-Up Calls in Order to Change?

I enjoy the phrase “wake-up call.” It seems that the greatest of insights rarely get implemented until something happens in my life that brings the immediate insistence that something be done. This unforeseen happening I call a wake-up call goes straight through the resistance to change and, for a moment at least, a new understanding, and even a change of direction is available! So wake-up calls are a reminder to remember! Otherwise even the resistance fades, inertia takes over, and nothing changes.
Another way to say this is that sometimes “a good scare is worth more than good advice!” (Edward W. Howe)
But here’s the rub: even a good wake-up call can be subverted by the mind, as it insists on ignoring it and forgetting it! The key for me is to implement as many insights AS SOON AS THEY OCCUR so I can bring them experientially into my life. This knack of implementing can eliminate many of the wake-up calls, since the call is no longer needed! And that can save a lot of grief, given the possible severity and extremeness of some wake-up calls!!