What Stops You From Making Needed Changes in Your Life?

Changes that we make which truly enhance the quality of our lives often only come after we have had enough of what we DON’T want. But this is tricky business because we usually find ways to divert ourselves from having enough with: sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, facebook, sports, movies, TV, sleep, work, etc. So we pine for quality of life, but we rarely take the steps necessary to get there.
If we REALLY want to change our lives, we have to STOP diverting ourselves from the pain and anxiety of our lives. The diversion only supports the pain in the long run. And having enough gives us the energy and passion to make changes that help transform our lives into greater satisfaction, greater creativity, and a greater understanding of how to stop creating hell and start creating heaven! Love…

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The Judging Mind

If I am to live a joyous life, I need to know about, experience, understand, and drop the judging mind that I carry. It has seeped into every aspect of my life and is creating a living hell by constantly judging, coercing, berating and restricting me.

Although it was beneficial in my early youth – in that it helped me stay out of harm’s way with my parents, teachers and religious leaders – now, its job of coercing me to meet my parents’ and others’ expectations is killing the joy of life.

This is a big chunk of my life’s “work”. It is an issue with a HUGE impact that requires experiencing, understanding, and the luxury of time to explore!