What does your criticism of others say about YOU?

It all starts with “me”, as in “my mind.”
The buck stops here.
In daily life, that means that whatever the mind says in judgment about others can be turned around to expose the nature of the mind. So if my mind judges you and says you are stupid, and that is turned around…it will reveal a “stupid” mind, using judgments to feel better about itself! Or if the mind says that someone is physically ugly, a turnaround shows a very “ugly” mind willing to put down someone for their physical features.
The turnaround produces revelations of the true nature of the mind. And seeing this again and again supports the understanding to NOT TAKE THE MIND TOO SERIOUSLY! This is a major step in breaking down the barriers to the heart.

An evening of “Finding the Work You Love, Finding the Life You Love!” Nov. 4th – FREE!

Ready for a change in your career and your life? Ready to find ways to make your heart sing in and out of work? Then, come join Subhan for an evening of connecting and sharing on Friday, November 4th at 7:00pm !

You are not alone in your wanting to make significant changes. Meeting others with the same longing can be tremendously supportive! And Subhan will share over twenty-three years of experience, insights and understandings with you in the area of finding a career and a life that will satisfy you.

We will be meeting at The World of Meditation Center, (an Oasis in the City!) at 3412 NE 115th St. It is located just two doors off of 35th Ave.

Here are the directions!

There’s plenty of parking in front, on 115th St. and on 35th Ave.

We’ll start at 7pm.

Let us know you are coming! Just email us at info@findingtheworkyoulove.com or call us at 206-772-8897.