Is there a Spiritual Teacher in you future?

Here is what I have discovered about which spiritual teacher or master is the one for you:
When you hear them or read their words, you recognize that what they say is something you feel you’ve already known, but were unable to articulate it. And the gratefulness for this feels immense! Then a beautiful love affair unlike any other starts to grow.
Once you find someone who does that for you, you’ve come home…to your teacher.


Two things about gratefulness:

The first: When I remember, I can feel immensely grateful for what I HAVE! I recognize the mind’s pattern of only looking at what I DON’T have…

And the second: When I step back from the mind’s chatter, I also realize that things that DIDN’T happen – or ALMOST happened – can be just as important, even miraculous, as when they do! Think of all the millions of things that DIDN’T happen or almost happened to you today that would have been extraordinarily difficult and challenging! Isn’t that something to be grateful for?