How to Get Beauty into Our Lives…More and More!

I am continually learning to surround myself with beauty! In the process, I still find other priorities taking preference to beauty…but, on the whole, it is becoming a more rooted understanding how important beauty is in my life. Here’s why:

I understand that there are two types of beauty: one comes from the ordinary mind that likes to separate the world – in this instance, into beauty and ugliness.
It is a comparative process.
The other type comes from an experience when, on rare occasions, the divine is found in everything…and everything has its own beauty! It’s not something I can DO. It’s just a gift from existence.
But I can prepare the invitation for the second type! In the ordinary state of mind, I can find those things that are experienced as beautiful, and bring them into my life, more and more. They then can become mirrors that help me remember and fall into the second type, and then I find myself once again in existence’s gift of “everything is divine!!”
So, if your want to connect more with this second type, then surround yourself with whatever you find as beauty. And see if you don’t drop into the divine!!