Gaining a New Perspective About Life

There is something about “perspective” that can be tremendously valuable!
One perspective is that there is a whole, infinite universe beyond the planet Earth!
We were in awe of that experience as small children. But then, we narrowed our view of life to only the small patch of Earth that we stand on; and everything immediately around us looked and continues to look so significant.
We can reconnect with our childhood awe through meditation, and by just lying on the grass at night and looking up at the stars. And then our “problems” look tiny in comparison…

What On Earth Am I Doing?

Once in a while, my parents would ask me, “What on earth are you doing?”
Good question!! Here is one possible answer:
I am a part of the course “Earth 101.” The world is my school. I have looked around and experienced what most of its teachers (including family, friends, and and everyone else) teach. The curriculum is full of lessons that attempt to teach me that “I am what I am not.”
The mystics – who are the emeritus faculty members – act as mirrors for me…to experience this curriculum as it is and what I have accepted from it, and to experience my REAL nature.
So I am here in Earth 101 to learn the truth of who I really am. Anything less will only perpetuate a fraud, a deception. And whether I learn it or not is up to me….