What Illness Can Teach Us

I like the notion that we are all in the course known as Earth 101. And with that understanding, everything that happens on this planet has an ability to teach us about our lives and about deeper mysteries.
For example, someone came in today with a head cold and it reminded me of the value of being ill!
When I feel ill, my energy is low and I find that the mind’s ability to keep suppressed things down becomes weaker. So illness becomes a perfect opportunity to experience things about myself that I cannot necessarily reach when I am healthy. I can observe unknown parts, and at times even a door into a deeper silence within. So with alertness, I can experience some insightful and often beautiful spaces inside.
Give it a try the next time you feel under the weather!

What On Earth Am I Doing?

Once in a while, my parents would ask me, “What on earth are you doing?”
Good question!! Here is one possible answer:
I am a part of the course “Earth 101.” The world is my school. I have looked around and experienced what most of its teachers (including family, friends, and and everyone else) teach. The curriculum is full of lessons that attempt to teach me that “I am what I am not.”
The mystics – who are the emeritus faculty members – act as mirrors for me…to experience this curriculum as it is and what I have accepted from it, and to experience my REAL nature.
So I am here in Earth 101 to learn the truth of who I really am. Anything less will only perpetuate a fraud, a deception. And whether I learn it or not is up to me….