Transformational Change or Extinction?

It is pretty clear to me that the shift towards the New Man and the New Age requires us to go to the edge of what we DON’T want so that the choice is either transformational change or extinction (sannyas or suicide)!

After all, can you imagine any of our present politicians and civic leaders having a significant shift and effectively dealing with: global warming, petroleum, coal and nuclear power use, population control, pollution and depletion of fresh water aquifers, wars and the military industrial complex, unsustainable depletion of sea life and other irreplaceable resources, use of sweat shops, diminishing air quality, destruction of the old growth and rain forests, exorbitant cost of health care, sex trafficking, and the economic and social injustice that exists for minorities, women and the other 99% of us?

And as we move closer to the edge, I keep remembering to meditate, connect with fellow travelers on the path of discovery, and listen to the mystics, who know ALL about the edge! Together we can create what Osho has called a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.