How to wake up from unconsciousness?

The way to wake up from unconsciousness is to remember! The word remember is so significant! “Re” means again, and “member” is to be one with the whole. So to remember is to be one with the whole again! But how to remember? Little reminders can be like gentle nudges for the sleepiness that we carry. And these two simple reminders can be of help: Treat every day as your last; and every breath as your first! For just a second, they can transport you into a new feeling, a new experience, a remembrance! Love…


About the Coming Chaos…

Q: I feel that we are really coming into very exciting times.
Just wondered what you thought?
I think teachers are just saying dead words, now. I feel no aliveness in what’s going on now. We are really ready for something new in consciousness to appear.
Subhan: I agree with you that these are exciting times! And, yes, I also feel that there is a corner that can be turned.
But now comes the real “work!” It is individual and it starts with meditation. Each of us has to move deeply into our interiority and explore what is inside. That is the only place where consciousness appears. The mind wants to go outside and change things. But until each of us moves beyond the mind, into the silence and stillness within, we will be reacting from the same mind that has created so much havoc already and the results will remain the same.
The chaos that we experience outside is only a reflection of the chaos in the mind! So, as many, many people move more into their chaotic minds, that will only ramp up the disturbances on the planet. This scenario, however, is an opportunity for each of us to realize that we have had enough of what we don’t want, and it will lead us within to the only place where intelligence lives.

The difficulty as I see it is that most people are unwilling to meditate, to cathart all the stuffed up emotions, and to celebrate the amazing gift of life! And, all three of these are essential for the shift to happen. But that doesn’t stop US from choosing to do these. And that is the ONLY place where real change happens. Inside each of us, one at a time!

Real “teachers” (I call them mystics) are saying words that can point us inward. They are like the Sherpa that guides people on Mount Everest. Sherpas can’t climb the mountain for us, but they CAN point the way because they have experienced the climb. Real mystics can do the same for us as we climb the inner mountain.
So if the teachers you have been listening to seem to have dead words, there are two possibilities:
Either they are not real mystics, and then their words are fabrications, not truths.
Or, if they are real and the mind is making their words dead!
In either case, meditation will support us in finding the way!