What is a Crime?

What is a crime? The REAL answer is: ANYTHING that a government or a court decides it is! There is no inherent thing called a “crime.” In one jurisdiction something may be a “crime,” while in another it is not. So, it’s interesting to note that Italy’s highest court just ruled that when small amounts of food are taken in desperate need, it is not a crime. If we stop looking at the act, and using punishment to stop it, we can begin to look with eyes that do not judge, but seek to understand. Certainly this is only a distant possibility now. But, as we begin to understand OURSELVES and our MOTIVATIONS with compassion, we can extend that gift to others. And what we may discover is that we are ALL buddhas, just pretending not to be! Love…

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How do I maintain compassion and patience with those who don’t have those for me?

A friend asked the question, “how does one maintain compassion and patience with those that are not being compassionate and patient with them?”
Here’s my answer:
As a kid, I developed three strategies to cope with those difficult situations: fight, flight, or freeze. So when I find myself in similar situations now, the knee-jerk reaction is to move into one of those three. The only way I know of getting out of this reaction is through meditation. It gives me the tools of watchfulness and awareness…and the understanding that connecting with myself brings me back to what got triggered inside ME; and eventually to a clearer, more compassionate space – for myself and for the other person. The key here is meditation…