Is there a Spiritual Teacher in you future?

Here is what I have discovered about which spiritual teacher or master is the one for you:
When you hear them or read their words, you recognize that what they say is something you feel you’ve already known, but were unable to articulate it. And the gratefulness for this feels immense! Then a beautiful love affair unlike any other starts to grow.
Once you find someone who does that for you, you’ve come home…to your teacher.

Being at Home

I had a conversation with a friend about the joy of coming home after being away for a period of time. After living a bit rustically, it was nice to come back to my own bed and the familiar surroundings of home.

What struck me about the idea of home was that it was a physical place and that I had to be there to have the feeling of “being at home.” Because I am traveling more these days, I realized that “home” had become more a feeling, an experience, that was inside me, rather than my external trappings. It seems I give myself permission to be more relaxed in my physical home than on the road! So, I have been more attentive to the experience of feeling – and not feeling – at home. And I have observed that the old, hackneyed expression, “home is where the heart is,” is true for me! Whenever the heart is open and is able to connect with others, THAT place truly feels like home.

So, I must be getting out of the way of the heart at my physical home – at least when I first arrive. Just a short while later, that good feeling disappears, as I settle in to what I need to do to get back into my daily life. It comes back only when there is again a connection with the heart.

Knowing this, and knowing the experience of a rich heart connection, I am putting myself in the way of everything I know that supports this connection: meditation, being with friends, cooking delicious meals with them, taking walks in nature, enjoying humor and laughter, touching my beloved, dancing, singing, watching wonderful movies like “Bab Aziz” and “As It Is In Heaven,” and more. It seems that the path to the heart isn’t as blocked or congested these days. There’s a growing understanding that I can bring home with me wherever I go – or stay!