What Stops You From Making Needed Changes in Your Life?

Changes that we make which truly enhance the quality of our lives often only come after we have had enough of what we DON’T want. But this is tricky business because we usually find ways to divert ourselves from having enough with: sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, facebook, sports, movies, TV, sleep, work, etc. So we pine for quality of life, but we rarely take the steps necessary to get there.
If we REALLY want to change our lives, we have to STOP diverting ourselves from the pain and anxiety of our lives. The diversion only supports the pain in the long run. And having enough gives us the energy and passion to make changes that help transform our lives into greater satisfaction, greater creativity, and a greater understanding of how to stop creating hell and start creating heaven! Love…

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What is it about CHANGE?

Someone once said, “Change is good. You go first!”
What interests me about change is how often I resistance it.
These days the resistance becomes a reminder to stop, take a deep breath, and inquire into what is happening. More often than not, I find the resistance to be a knee-jerk reaction. And the magic is, once I stop and inquire into it, I am able to accept it – and even INVITE IT!
This acceptance is transformational! And it is a gift from the beyond…that I am sure is available to anyone willing to inquire and be present with the change.


Do We Need Wake-Up Calls in Order to Change?

I enjoy the phrase “wake-up call.” It seems that the greatest of insights rarely get implemented until something happens in my life that brings the immediate insistence that something be done. This unforeseen happening I call a wake-up call goes straight through the resistance to change and, for a moment at least, a new understanding, and even a change of direction is available! So wake-up calls are a reminder to remember! Otherwise even the resistance fades, inertia takes over, and nothing changes.
Another way to say this is that sometimes “a good scare is worth more than good advice!” (Edward W. Howe)
But here’s the rub: even a good wake-up call can be subverted by the mind, as it insists on ignoring it and forgetting it! The key for me is to implement as many insights AS SOON AS THEY OCCUR so I can bring them experientially into my life. This knack of implementing can eliminate many of the wake-up calls, since the call is no longer needed! And that can save a lot of grief, given the possible severity and extremeness of some wake-up calls!!

Changing Fear to Awareness

I heard Osho say, “Never act out of fear.”
This has been a constant reminder to me to stop…and observe whether I am acting out of fear. It doesn’t mean that I never act out of fear. What does happen is that in the stopping, I get a chance to experience the fear. And that moment gives me a space to shift, if it’s possible. Sometimes it’s not possible….
But there have been many times when just catching the fear – and how it penetrates the choices – has transformed the moment from fearfulness to awareness.
Why not give it a try? Just start with Osho’s statement and see where it takes you!

Everybody Wants to…But Nobody Wants to!

I’ve started writing and accumulating all the “Everybody wants to but nobody wants to” sayings! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Everybody wants to live a long life, but nobody wants to grow old.

Everybody wants to have lots of money, but nobody wants to really work for it.

Everybody wants to own the results but nobody wants to own the process.

Everybody wants to share their ideas but nobody wants to implement them.

Everybody wants to make their relationships work but nobody wants to change.

Everybody wants control but nobody wants responsibility.

Everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change.

Everybody wants choices but nobody wants to make choices.

Everybody wants to get great service but nobody wants to pay for it.

Everybody wants to be somebody but nobody wants to be themselves.

Everybody wants to be told the truth but nobody wants to tell the truth.

Everybody wants to be told the truth but nobody wants to hear the truth.

Everybody wants to do something to help but nobody wants to be the first.

Everybody wants to get an “A” but nobody wants to study.

Everybody wants to lose weight but nobody wants to exercise and eat less.

Everybody wants a harvest but nobody wants to hoe.

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are but nobody wants to accept others for who they are.

Send me any others that you have!



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