Could you have done it better?

You are ALWAYS doing the best you can do in the moment.
How do I know?
Because if you could have done “better,” you would have.
Remember that this thing called “hindsight” (which is only a thought) always assumes the contrary. Hindsight is only an ideal. It has no reality. And the mind uses it to fight with the real, with that which happened.
This is where the eternal war starts…between the mind’s hindsight and what actually happened. The way out of the war is to see the ideal for what it is: a thought that, if believed, creates misery and anxiety. The moment I experience the ideal for what it really is, it begins to disappear. And the understanding that arises is the beginning of self-acceptance…and peace.

The Mind and Comparison

March 17, 2011
A friend wrote: “Sitting here in India in a wheelchair with a fractured leg and being reminded again that it always could be worse. How humbling.”
He was referring to Japan and the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor situation there.

It reminded me that comparison is the territory of the mind. And finding that things could be worse is its compensation for a situation that it doesn’t like.

Of course, under the table, the mind is also saying, “Things could be better! So why me?!!”

If we just stay with what is, then we can drop any notion of comparison and that there is a problem to begin with.

So a fractured leg becomes an opportunity to watch the mind’s comparing nature and how that game is played. And perhaps, after seeing that enough…and penetrating it enough, we will drop the whole game….