The Significance of the Ego

For a moment, I’d like to play the game of sharing my understanding of what we call “being.” So, I’ll start with fish…
I don’t know who discovered water, but I’m certain it wasn’t fish. They live in it, do all kinds of things in it, and die in it. But it is so close, that fish don’t really know it’s there. However, when a fish is hooked and pulled out of the water…THEN it knows what water is. And if it is able to get back into the water, it will never forget it.
The same is true about being. We are born in it, do things in it, and die in it. But it is so close, that we are unaware of it – ignorant of it! That is why we get pulled out of it by the ego, so we can begin to know what being is. In that way, the ego is foundational to learning about the being, and we can stop feuding with it; and see it as the hook that brings us into awareness of the being.
Once it has accomplished its task, the ego can then dissolve as we melt into being.
And then THIS is the only game in town!!

Going Beyond Polarities

My experience of dealing with polarities has led to the understanding that they only exist as opposites in the mind! There, they are certainly contradictory. Outside of the THOUGHTS of good and bad (= outside the mind), they are complementary! Night and day – as with good and bad – aren’t two separate things; they are deeply joined together.

And certainly to connect with our hearts is a way to be outside the mind! And the only way I know of really doing this is to connect with the silence and stillness inside of us through meditation.

So for me, meditation has become the key. It opens the door to greater awareness and clarity.

Now, when I remember, I stop trying to “become” something, which just creates another polarity in the mind (who I am now vs. who I want to become)! And in those moments when I relax into who I am – in that relaxed, accepting space – I have found that doing what I had perceived of as “good” happens without any notion of good or bad – and without any effort! What a paradox!