Q.:I have been doing everything I can to become more aware and less unconscious. Can you share any shortcuts to awareness and self-remembrance?

Subhan: I have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is: there are no shortcuts. The good news is: THAT is the shortcut! People spend a great deal of time – and money – looking for back doors to the temple. But there are no back doors. So their shortcuts are really “LONGCUTS!” Perhaps even worse, they may NEVER get to where they want to go!

Here is the solution: find ways to release and express all the emotional stuff that you have suppressed and pushed into your psychological basement. And also find meditation techniques that you enjoy and do one every day. And finally, learn how to bring real celebration into your life. These steps are bound to give you more awareness in your daily life. Look for a spiritual or meditation center that offers these kinds of activities.

And stop looking for shortcuts!

©2010 subhan schenker

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