Ready to Change Your Job? Your Life?

Prisoner in my jobI’ve met many people who feel a great split inside of themselves in their work. One part wants to find a career that touches their heart, that fulfills them. But another part is afraid of so many things: failure, won’t make enough money, not good enough, not smart enough, too difficult, not secure enough, too unknown. And, because the second part is filled with fear, there is no ability to support the first part…and the person stays in their present job. This is unfortunate AND unnecessary! There is support! And there are ways to challenge the fears and other obstacles that stand in the way. The feeling “I can’t survive OUT THERE” turns into the reality “I can’t survive IN HERE!” And THAT can be the beginning of movement in the direction of caring for and supporting life so that it can not only survive, but THRIVE! Interested in taking steps in the direction of expansion, rather than contraction? Then go to: and join me for a weekend of adventure and support. Find what makes your heart sing, and build your life around it!

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