Preferences and Expectations – a Good recipe for Pain!

I just read a quote from the Chinese mystic, Sosan, who said, “The great way is not difficult for those who have no preferences.”

When I first read this, I really laughed! No preferences. Hmmm. Certainly not me! But I also realized that being with Osho and meditation have given me an understanding and a remembrance that I can sometimes go to, which is to watch the expectations…and watch the feelings of disappointment and frustration. Then I don’t get so caught in them.
Yes, they are still there, but more at a distance and not so powerful. And then I can even laugh at them…like when I hear the statement, “Want to make God laugh? Just tell him you have a plan…!”
I’ve also found it easier to deal with unfulfilled expectations when I see myself as a wave in the ocean. In a way, that would be like the wave getting upset with the ocean for not doing what it wanted it to do. When I get that, it looks so absurd! Yet, isn’t that what we are doing when we get upset with the way things are happening for us?

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