On Avoiding Struggles and Pain

For much of my life, I sought to avoid struggles. I found ways to divert from situations and people that were difficult. What I didn’t know then was that the diversion produced as much if not more pain than dealing with the situation.
And then, somewhere I began to understand this. Maybe I had gotten enough of the pain; maybe meditation gave me a clearer view of what I was doing. I realized that going INTO the situation not only was less painful than I had imagined, but it actually helped RESOLVE it!
What I know now is that the struggles I have hung in there with, as well as those I avoided, have given me an amazing foundation of understanding. They were essential for me to be the present ME! And when I remember this, it produces an amazing feeling of gratitude for my life and what has happened in it so far…

The Sufi mystic, Rumi has said this so beautifully:

If God said,

Rumi, pay homage to everything that has helped you enter my arms,

there would not be one experience of my life,

not one thought,

not one feeling,

not any act,

I would not bow to.

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