Look at What We’ve Done to the Days of the Week!!

Have you ever explored the fact that most of us have attached specific FEELINGS to days of the week?! Fridays hold lots of promise. Just a bit of perseverance leads to that marvelous thing called “Friday Night!” which is the entrance to “The Weekend!!!” My kid’s heart still rejoices at the sound of the word “Saturday!!” And strange as it sounds, “Sunday” has a mild depression associated with it! It the end of the weekend, and hints to that hellish word, “Monday…” (Yuck!) (Did you know that there are more heart attacks on Monday than any other day?!!!)
Tuesday and Wednesday sort of melt together as a blur. Thursday has a tinge of Friday associated with it. (“It’s coming…it’s coming! Soon..soon!!!)
Exploring this phenomenon once again shows a) the craziness of the mind; b) the negative feeling I had for school, when I couldn’t WAIT for the weekend; and c) how that pattern continued in my work once I left school.
I’m happy to say that these days, many times I am unaware what day it is! The only thing that reminds me is the schedule I have to do the things I enjoy doing! So, in a way, EVERY day becomes Saturday!
I wish that feeling becomes yours too, as you do what makes your heart sing each and every day of your life!

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