How a Picnic Can Teach Us Something of Value!

Almost everyone loves a picnic! It is a time to enjoy good friends, good food and being outdoors! Although it requires preparation and planning, these actions are usually done with a feeling of levity – even adventure and excitement! It is something that can be savored. If anything, there is certainly a lack of seriousness in it all.
So why not start living life in the spirit of a picnic?!! Why not take this spirit and create our lives around it! Then we can actualize this UNDERSTANDING: that things we normally do routinely and robotically CAN be done with more relaxation, more awareness, more levity, more adventure AND more joyfully – just by bringing a different spirit and energy to what we are doing! Imagine that! Love…

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One thought on “How a Picnic Can Teach Us Something of Value!

  1. I Love this. It ties in with what I just experienced. As I read it I thought of some people who can even get caught up in the stress of creating the perfect picnic. Today Osho taught me that life is not about moving from imperfection to perfection, life is about moving from perfection to affection. And it would seem most people would take a light hearted affectionate approach to life to see it as just as easy as a pic”ah” nic….eh booboo?

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