4 Reasons to do Our Workshop

Finding the Work You Love,
Finding the Love You Love!

There is a big part of each of us that wants to be more adventurous, more alive and creative – and doing something that we truly enjoy as work.  It is this part of you that chose to come to this site.

If this were the only thing  inside you, there would be no need for you to be here.

So there must another part of you that isn’t so hot on your jumping into a new adventure! And that part makes it difficult for you to take the steps necessary to get to where you want to!  It operates a good deal of the time “under the radar” so you don’t even know how it stops you!

Another way to say this is that there are things that you know (how to boil water), things you know you don’t know (brain surgery), and, things you don’t know you don’t know (for example, how a part of you is stopping you from fulfilling yourself). The last ones make things difficult and often run our lives.

In this workshop, we take a look at the things we don’t know we don’t know, to make them known and to understand how to deal with them.

So here are  four reasons to do our workshop:

1) The joy of things that make your heart sing! We will share processes with you that will help you discover what makes your heart sing, what you deeply connect with, what touches you.

2) The joy of doing “work” that really satisfies you.  We will show you how to translate whatever you enjoy doing into an actual career or job.

3) The clarity of discovering what your obstacles really are.  We will help you identify what  the obstacles are that stand in your way, including how they got there in the first place.

4) The satisfaction of challenging and dealing with your obstacles. We will share tools and processes with you so you can effectively deal with the obstacles  and move toward your new job or career.

There are many good people who will find what they think are VALID reasons for not giving themselves the luxury of a whole weekend to explore and understand these issues. Maybe that is just the part of the mind that wants to stop them from moving into what they enjoy, into what that part of the mind sees as unpredictable and dangerous territory.

Perhaps you are one of the ones who has had enough of what you don’t want, and who is ready and wants to transform his or her life. If you are, then come join us for the weekend!

Registration is simple: drop a check in the mail, or call us and charge it over the phone.

If by check, make it payable to “World of Meditation” and send it to:

World of Meditation
c/o Shanti
9709 46th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA

If by charge, call us at 206-772-8897 and we will take the charge over the phone.

If you decide not to do the workshop, I  still want you to know how much I support you in finding the work and life that you really want!

Take care!

Subhan Schenker