5 Steps to Freedom From the Inner Critic

5 Steps to Freedom from

the Inner Critic

October 12th – 13th

A two-day workshop at

The World of Meditation Center

3412 NE 115th St., Seattle 98125

   (Fri. night: 7pm – 10pm & Saturday: 9am – 5pm)

 We have an inner critic or judge that is constantly defining what is right or wrong, and judging us from standards that were established by our parents, our religion and our society. The critic is suppressive and inexhaustibly active in the harsh and often negative ways it treats us! Unless we can learn to recognize and understand this part of the mind and learn how to deal with it, we will be unable to find self-acceptance, or to discover the peace and nurturing within us that is our birthright.

This workshop will give you effective tools and experiences in 5 steps, for recognizing, understanding and dealing with the inner critic. Facilitated by Subhan Schenker, C.C., J.D., C.M.F.

Cost: $99. Early bird special $89, if paid by September 21st. To register & for more information, contact:  subhan@findingtheworkyoulove.com; tel.: 206-772-8897; www.worldofmeditation.com

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